Super Mario Bros. Wonder Will Get A Limited Edition OLED Switch [VIDEO]

The Japanese company revealed several things during the Nintendo Direct for the game.


Nintendo has announced the Switch OLED Model Mario Red Edition, available from October 6 for $350. Get ready to jump into the unexpected with Super Mario Bros. Wonder—the next evolution of Mario fun and the first 2D side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. game in over ten years! With a new Flower Kingdom to explore and a varied roster of playable characters, Super Mario Bros. Wonder also introduces Wonder Flowers – game-changing items that create surprising effects you must see to believe. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the benevolent Prince Florian invites Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom – a not-so-distant land beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. But Bowser, the King of the Koopas, has other plans. With just a single touch of the mysterious Wonder Flower, Bowser merges with Prince Florian’s castle. Thanks to his newfound power, chaos spreads across the land. Now it’s up to Mario and pals to stop Bowser and save the Flower Kingdom.

The Flower Kingdom comprises six distinct worlds that circle the Petal Isles, giving you seven areas to explore. Traverse multiple islands, dive into the sea, and spelunk through caves. A wide variety of courses await in each world, and you can even walk freely through open areas you find on the world map. Wonder Flowers thrive off this world’s mysterious power and release it when in bloom. When you touch a Wonder Flower in a course, a Wonder effect will trigger, causing dramatic changes. Pipes might start moving, the terrain may tilt, your perspective can change, or you might float through space. There are even Wonders that can transform your character into a Goomba or a Spike Ball.

Besides Mario, you can also play as Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Blue Toad or Yellow Toad, and even Toadette. They all play the same. Yoshis and Nabbit won’t take damage, so they’re a smart choice if you’re looking for a more easygoing experience. Super Mario Bros. Wonder features the debut of new power-ups such as the Elephant Fruit, which allows Mario and some of his friends to transform into Elephant form. Throw around your weight and nose as you swing your trunk to attack enemies, destroy blocks, and dash across significant gaps. The Bubble form allows you to blow floating bubbles that can be used to capture enemies from a distance. The Drill form makes dealing with spiky or hard-headed enemies a breeze. It also allows you to burrow and move through the ground.

When it comes to enemies, you’ll encounter new treacherous ones while trekking through the Flower Kingdom. Hoppycats will copy you and jump when you jump. Melon Piranha Plants spit seeds from their mouths. Condarts will fly at you and stick their beaks into your business. Maw-Maws will eat anything that comes too close to their gaping mouths. There are many new enemies for you to discover. As your adventure progresses, you’ll be able to earn various in-game badges, each with its unique ability. In local multiplayer, each group of players will use the same badge. Enhance your wall-jumping abilities with the Wall-Climb Jump badge. Equip the Dolphin Kick badge to unleash an underwater burst of speed. Charge up a bounding leap with the Crouching High Jump badge. Shoot vines in mid-air and stick to walls with the Grappling Vine badge. With the Invisibility badge, become invisible to your enemies (and yourself) for a double-edged sword and an additional challenge.

Up to four people can play locally on the same Nintendo Switch system. If a player is defeated in local cooperative play, their character will float around the course as a ghost. If another player reaches them before time runs out, they’ll jump back into action, and the group won’t lose any lives. If someone plays as a Yoshi, you can hop on their back and ride them around the course. While playing online, you can create a room to get together with friends. In a shared room, you can see which stages your friends are playing, play the same one together, and even turn most courses into a friendly race. Even when playing solo, if you connect online, you can see other players from around the world in courses and on the world map enjoying the game in real-time, appearing as live player shadows. You can come back to life by bumping into a live player shadow here, too. Plus, you can assist fellow online players by placing a standee that they can use to revive ghosts. Place them creatively in challenging areas to help someone out. The game will even display how many people have used your standee assist.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will launch on October 20, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gematsu

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