When Age Rating Boards Leak: Two Announcements Coming Soon

One of these leaks is a complete re-release of a game that has already been available for a while, and the other is a new port of a game that has also been on the market for roughly a year.


As reporting on each separately would be a bit short, we’ll summarize what’s happening. Singapore’s age rating committee, IMDA, has evaluated Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, so it’s been leaked that Sony is close to getting the bundle containing the base game and the Burning Shores add-on to retail stores (and the PlayStation Store). The committee has given Guerrilla Games’ game an M18 rating, an adult rating because the add-on allows for same-sex relationships (Aloy can kiss Seyka in a subplot). This move has not gone down well with gamers, who have given the DLC a bunch of 0/10 ratings on Metacritic, and the site has spoken out about the disrespectful and abusive reviews and will soon introduce stricter moderation.

Meanwhile, the North American review board, the ESRB, has reviewed Gotham Knights for Nintendo Switch, meaning Warner and Nintendo could confirm the port soon. The port is surprising because the game’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports were canceled (even though the two 2013 consoles are more powerful than the Switch…), while the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series were capped at a 30 FPS frame rate. This rating coincides with a reliable leaker, Pyoro, who has been leaking on Twitter (for example, he had already talked about Super Mario Bros. Wonder before the official announcement).

According to him, a Nintendo Direct is coming soon, where a port of Gotham Knights could be announced, and a new Donkey Kong game is also said to be confirmed by the Japanese company. Meanwhile, another Batman game is set to see the light of day on Nintendo Switch. Batman: Arkham Trilogy will arrive on the big N hybrid platform on October 13 and is being developed by Turn Me Up Games (It Takes Two, Borderlands Legendary Collection, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Switch ports…).

Source: VGC, VGC

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