GTA VI: Another Major Leak – Is It Really Going To Be THAT BIG?!

A recent leak suggests that GTA VI will boast 750 GB of file space and 400 hours of playtime.



It’s been almost two years since Rockstar Games announced in February 2022 that they were working on GTA VI. This premature announcement has recently been criticised by fans as damage control for the now infamous gameplay leaks.

However, Rockstar Games has not given fans anything to chew on to date other than to announce that GTA VI is currently in development.

We have, therefore, had to rely on a constant stream of rumours and speculation.

Some of these rumours suggest that the game will take us back to the iconic Miami-inspired Vice City. We’ll also be able to travel to regions of South America. Not to mention the fact that there will reportedly be two playable protagonists, Jason and Lucia, inspired by the historical crime duo Bonnie and Clyde.

But the latest rumour could literally be the biggest yet. It’s cause for concern for those already fighting for precious console space. In a tweet shared by ‘GTA 6 News’, a GTA leaker claims that the sixth instalment in the iconic series will require a ridiculous 750GB of file space and around 400 hours of playtime.

First, we have no problem with 400 hours of playing time. Especially as long as it keeps players entertained and engaged throughout. But a 750 GB file size, really? If these rumours are true, this will be a massive problem for PC and console gamers alike.

The PS5, for example, is advertised as having an 825GB SSD internal hard drive, but just 158GB is automatically reserved for system files, leaving just 667GB for gamers.

Obviously, it is rumoured that the file size of GTA VI will exceed this figure by more than 80 GB. The situation is slightly better for the Xbox Series X (and Series S Carbon Black model). The Series X’s internal hard drive has a 1TB SSD drive, of which 198GB is reserved for system files, leaving 802GB for the gamer. However, that wouldn’t leave much room for anything else once the game is installed.

Unfortunately, there’s no hope for the standard Series S if the rumours are true. Assuming GTA VI even makes an appearance on this mini console with a 512 GB SSD hard drive. The only way around this potential storage problem is to buy additional SSD internal storage for the PS5 and SSD expansion cards for the Xbox Series X/S.

That said, like all unconfirmed rumours and speculation, take these with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise.

In related news, Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has suggested that GTA VI be released in 2025. They also claim that it will be the developer’s only game of this generation.

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