Will it Work Well on Your Platform Too?! This is How Mortal Kombat 1 Performs on Different Gaming Machines and PCs!

The new Mortal Kombat reboot is coming soon, and the anticipation is building. NetherRealm is not leaving out the Nintendo Switch, as the game will also be available on PC and the current generation of consoles. Thanks to all this, we can enjoy the game on the go, not only on Switch, but also on Steam. Let’s see what compromises we have to make for mobility!


ElAnalistaDeBits published a video comparing Mortal Kombat 1 on Switches, Steam Decks, Xbox Series S and PS5. The PS5’s graphical details stand out, which isn’t surprising considering that it wasn’t compared to the more powerful X-series, but to the lower-end S-series. The S version isn’t bad either, but the sharpness of the images and backgrounds aren’t up to par with the PS5 version. The trade-offs between the Switch and the deck are variable. The Switch is better in some aspects, the Deck in others. On both devices, the characters and backgrounds are less detailed, especially around the eyes, which can be reminiscent of a game from the 2000s. These devices are not designed to deliver stunning graphics.

How does Mortal Kombat 1 look on different platforms? On Xbox Series S and PS5, the game runs at a similar speed of around 60fps, but during Fatal Blows, the speed drops dramatically on both platforms. On the Xbox Series S the game runs at dynamic 1440p@60fps (usually 1152-1080p), while on the PS5 it runs at dynamic 4K@60fps (usually 1800-1728p). In the test, the game runs between 40-50 fps on the Steam Ceiling (800p@40fps), while on the Switch (900p@60fps), the average speed is 54 fps, but this drops during larger effects. So Fatal Blow is also “deadly” on the Switch. If you’re curious to see how the Xbox Series X, S and PC versions compare, check out the other video!

Mortal Kombat 1 will be released on the above platforms on September 19th.

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