Mass Effect 4: It Wouldn’t Be A Crime To Copy An Element From Starfield

It’s not a crime to take a good idea and make it good, significantly if the execution can deepen the gameplay.


Neither Mass Effect from BioWare nor Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios deviates significantly from the real world. Both IPs are built on historically authentic foundations and are not as sci-fi as Star Wars. Both IPs allow for galaxy exploration and interaction with aliens, and our spaceship is not negligible. On the other hand, Starfield shares one thing in common with Mass Effect: Andromeda (something Mass Effect 4 would have to abandon later; we wrote about that, too): a more prominent, open world is available to players.

However, if Starfield’s planetary exploration is carried over to Mass Effect 4, it could lead to a good result. It would also require different gravities per planet. Granted, like No Man’s Sky, most of Starfield’s massive natural environments were procedurally created. Higher gravity would put more strain on our stamina, while lower gravity could provide the opposite for the captain and their crew. In combat, the multitude of differences caused by gravity could manifest themselves.

BioWare could make each planet feel different, and if Mass Effect: Andromeda’s booster pack returns in Mass Effect 4, it could add even more gameplay variation, which the different gravity could provide. However, we are unsure that Starfield should be the benchmark, as it is an other game to BioWare’s IP. In all the Mass Effect games, the characters have been affected by a gravity force similar to Earth’s, but perhaps it should change for the current console generation (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series). We’re not on PS3 and X360 anymore (Mass Effect was launched at that time).

Mass Effect 4 might be coming to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC trio. Still, if it takes BioWare 2-3 years to develop after the release of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, we might not see a new Mass Effect until the next console generation.

Source: GameRant

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