The Walking Dead: Where Do Super Zombies Come From? Is There A Tragic Twist In Daryl’s Story?!

MOVIE NEWS – Variants have been an ongoing mystery on The Walking Dead, but Daryl Dixon’s spinoff finally reveals where these stronger, faster zombies came from. WARNING: spoilers for episode 3 of Daryl Dixon!



The Walking Dead has taken a giant step towards explaining the origins of zombie variants thanks to a shocking revelation from Daryl Dixon. Prior to Norman Reedus’ European spinoff, the series played out the variants very openly. The end of The Walking Dead season 11 revealed intelligent zombies and “crawlers”. But the basic show also hid some advanced zombies from season 1. The Walking Dead: World Beyond introduced fast, powerful zombies, and hinted that they were created by the same scientists responsible for the original outbreak. Daryl Dixon’s episode 1 then introduced the Burners as a new type of zombie.

Episode 3 of Daryl Dixon, “Paris Sera Toujours Paris”, goes much further. In an important story-building scene, Daryl Dixon’s villain Genet leads Codron to a makeshift lab where a “scientist” is conducting an experiment on a chained zombie. As the tension mounts, Genet’s undead subject suddenly rips his chains from the wall and rushes towards his captors before collapsing in a seemingly bloody hailstorm.

This single scene answers a lot of questions about the presence of zombie variants in The Walking Dead and where they came from.


Daryl Dixon spinoff reveals that powerful, fast zombie variants are created by humans


Previously on The Walking Dead, it was unclear whether the zombie variants were scientifically created or naturally evolved during the apocalypse. Daryl Dixon almost confirms that the former theory is the more accurate. Although the “Paris Sera Toujours Paris” scene doesn’t explicitly show how this variant came to be in Genet’s hospitality, there are enough clues to suggest that it was once a normal zombie, and Genet’s scientists are now trying to develop its strength and speed.

The biggest clue is Genet’s “we’re making progress” phrase and the scientist’s timing of how long the zombie variant will survive before its brain turns to crimson pulp.

These two details suggest that this zombie was not a pre-existing, wild-caught variant that Genet wants to know more about, but an ordinary zombie that Genet is trying to turn into something more. Unfortunately for him, the effect seems to last only 18 seconds before the version explodes from the inside. One could also imagine that if this zombie had superpowers when Genet found it, the creature would have already ripped its chains off. The sudden burst of energy suggests that the strength and speed of this zombie are somehow related to the technical equipment in the room.

The broader meaning of this Daryl Dixon Episode 3 scene is that certain groups of people with the resources and knowledge have figured out how to power up the zombies in The Walking Dead. It seems that some concoction of drugs administered in the right way will result in the undead being significantly strengthened and able to run. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that Burners and Climbers may have been made using similar methods.


Laurent and Dary – what difference does the sad discovery make?


Daryl and Merle’s backstory is made even sadder by the big reveal about Lauren’s father. The third episode of Daryl’s Walking Dead spinoff series confirmed the surprising truth about Laurent’s parentage. Despite the fact that in flashbacks from the second episode he appeared to have no connection to Lilly, Quinn – Isabelle’s former lover and ally in the zombie apocalypse – was revealed to be the father of the child.

Laurent has been the subject of great mystery since his introduction, especially since the nuns believe he is a Christ-like figure who can save civilisation.

But it didn’t take long for the spinoff to answer at least some of the questions about the character. Whether he is truly “special” or not remains to be seen. But at least his origins no longer leave room for speculation. Since Isabelle left Quinn behind, she never knew of Laurent’s existence, Lilly’s death, or the strange circumstances of Laurent’s birth in Daryl Dixon.


Laurent’s father Daryl Dixon reflects his own background


Interestingly enough, the twist involving Quinn is reminiscent of the early seasons of The Walking Dead and the exploration of Daryl’s past in the series. In the main show, it was revealed that Daryl and Merle had a difficult upbringing as youngsters, and in season 2’s “Chupacabra” we got a glimpse into their early lives. It seems that neither of their parents took good care of them, their father was an alcoholic who beat them. This was alluded to in the Daryl Dixon series premiere when Isabelle noticed the scars on Daryl’s back, to which he said “Daddy smoked”.

Unlike Daryl, Laurent never experienced life with an abusive father. What they do have in common is a father with terrible morals. While it’s true that Quinn never had a chance in Laurent’s life, the series leaves no doubt about what a bad parent he would make.

His selfish attitude, his willingness to leave Lilly behind, and his behaviour towards Isabelle at the nightclub are all evidence of his many character flaws.

Although they have only just met, Quinn’s problems are clearly no secret to Daryl. His decision to give up his chance to get on the boat when he learns that the condition would be that Isabelle make a deal with Quinn shows that he recognises Laurent’s father for the man he really is. Knowing this about Laurent’s father gives Daryl something he has been missing: a personal connection with Laurent. Completely different personalities, backgrounds and perspectives. Daryl and Laurent seem to have nothing in common. But now that they have a way to relate to each other, it will be easier to build a relationship between the characters.

Source: The Walking Dead Wiki

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