You Can Get this Cinematic, Creepy, Cool Horror Game for FREE – But You’ll Have to Hurry!

Halloween is just around the corner, and Bandai Namco is celebrating by offering one of their most thrilling horror adventure games for FREE! All you have to do is register on the provided site, which takes just about 5 minutes!


The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is the debut title of the popular horror series developed by Supermassive Games. It’s an adventure you can share with friends, pushing you to your limits. The story revolves around five friends who embark on a diving trip in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. What starts as an idyllic vacation quickly turns into a nightmare. After a perilous encounter with a group of modern-day pirates, they find themselves on an apparently deserted ship. Here, not only the ship’s past stories but also their decisions can be life-changing.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is more than just a game: it challenges your moral compass and decision-making skills. Every choice you make can impact not only your fate but also that of your companions. This supernatural horror is a fantastic group experience, and for this and many other reasons, The Dark Pictures anthology has become so popular.

The series’ subsequent parts promise similar experiences but in different settings, each creating the same oppressive atmosphere as the first episode. Little Hope, House of Ashes, and The Devil in Me are all must-plays for fans of supernatural horror.


Don’t miss out, get it for FREE on PC!

If you want to get The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan for free, just click on this link and follow the instructions! Register for a Bandai Namco account and link it to your Steam account to claim the game. But hurry, this offer is only available until September 29! If you’re interested in expanding your collection from the series, we also have the best deals for all the games in The Dark Pictures Anthology.
Source: Bandai-Namco

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