Lara Croft Returns?! A New Tomb Raider Is Coming That We Didn’t Hope Anymore! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – A new teaser for the upcoming Tomb Raider anime has been released, giving fans a clearer idea of how Lara Croft will return.



The next big adventure of Lara Croft has officially begun in a new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Tomb Raider anime. It’s been almost two years since Netflix and Square Enix announced their partnership to produce an anime adaptation of the popular Tomb Raider franchise. Little was said about what this would entail other than connecting the timelines between the Tomb Raider reboot and the original games. But now, a new trailer has arrived, promising Lara’s biggest adventure yet.

As part of Netflix’s massive Drop 01 event, the official teaser for the upcoming Lara Croft anime has been uploaded to the streaming service’s official anime YouTube channel to give fans a glimpse of what’s to come.

Arrows fly across the screen as Lara discovers supernatural powers. It’s everything fans of the popular video game franchise could wish for. It’s all reflected in the series’ official title, Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft.

Now that the title of the upcoming anime has been officially revealed, it seems clear where the franchise is heading. Square Enix’s three reboot games have put Lara through a lot. Slowly, she’s become the hero that fans came to know from the original games. But the narrative was left open. Lara returned to Croft Manor to establish a base to protect the world’s mysteries. This anime picks up where the story left off. It shows Lara in her first adventure as a character fans have come to know from the early days while finding ways to give her the look fans loved in the original games.

This could include when she acquires the two-handed pistols and makes them her signature weapon for the first time, signalling that she’s passing the baton from the reboot to the classic games.

No release date for The Legend of Lara Croft yet. The teaser simply ends with a “Coming Soon” caption. However, given the quality of the animation shown, it’s safe to assume that it will arrive sometime in early to mid-2024. The return of the Tomb Raider universe has been met with heightened enthusiasm from fans since the announcement. Based on the teaser, it looks like it could be one of Lara’s best adventures yet.

Source: YouTube

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