EA Sports FC 24: Shocking Reviews For The Game – We Wouldn’t Have Thought It!

EA Sports FC 24 has been hit with a tsunami of negative criticism, the likes of which the world has rarely seen.



EA Sports FC 24 is under a barrage of criticism that has shocked everyone. Some fans are giving it extremely low ratings online to share their disappointment. EA Sports FC 24 launches a new generation of football games from EA Sports, as the series no longer has the name FIFA in its title.

Despite the change, EA Sports FC 24 includes all the gameplay features, modes and mechanics that defined the previous games.

Building on FIFA 23, it also includes some useful quality-of-life improvements, such as allowing players to automatically switch between optional positions without the need for a separate consumable card. Now, it seems that fans are experiencing problems with EA Sports FC 24. Namely, some users have given it extremely low ratings online.

The game has a user rating of just 2.2 on Metacritic. This is much lower than the PS5 version’s 76 critical score. User reviews highlight several problems. In the case of EA Sports FC 24, the lack of differences from previous games is one of the biggest sources of complaints. Some players have also experienced several bugs in the game. While some users have problems with the AI, unrealistic gameplay, physics and many other aspects.

On Steam, the game received a “mixed” overall rating out of more than 3000 reviews. 54% of user reviews were positive. Steam users mentioned that they encountered various bugs in the game. Some players also reported optimization issues.

Many gamers also pointed out that EA Sports FC 24 is the same game as FIFA 23 despite the name change, and many fans regretted their purchase.

Apparently, some fans expected EA to make drastic improvements to the game. They are, therefore, disappointed with the number of changes made to the release. Furthermore, it seems that the new title has some notable bugs. Users have also encountered crashes.

Previous instalments in the FIFA series have received similar criticism attacks in the past. After all, FIFA 23 only received a 2.5 rating on Metacritic. So, it seems that the release of EA Sports FC 24 has revived this trend of criticism. It will be interesting to see how the user score changes as more fans get their hands on the game.

Source: Metacritic, Steam

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