Starfield: Could There Be A Big Problem With New Game Plus Mode?!

Some Starfield players online are pointing out the biggest flaw in the RPG’s New Game+ mode and speculating whether Bethesda will ever address it. WARNING! Gameplay spoilers (NG+ mechanics)!



Hundreds of Starfield players have recently taken to the internet to point out what they believe is the biggest flaw in the RPG’s New Game Plus mode. While the game has implemented the New Game Plus feature in an exciting way, these newly surfaced complaints highlight that Bethesda continues to be a rather polarizing topic among fandom.

The way Starfield’s New Game Plus mode works is that players can only keep their levels, skills, and research projects if they start a new campaign.

Meanwhile, their inventory, outposts, credits and ships all reset after they complete the primary story mission. Starfield is trying to balance things out a bit. It rewards the player with a unique ship or armour for the first six or ten times. These get better with each new playthrough. However, many fans have so far found these rewards to be underwhelming compared to what they are forced to give up in return.

Although it is pretty easy to rebuild stocks and credits, some players are particularly annoyed that they cannot transfer their ships to New Game Plus. A thread lamenting this situation made the front page of the Starfield subreddit over the weekend. It elicited hundreds of overwhelmingly like-minded responses. Some of the fans who joined the discussion said they were devastated to find themselves without their fleet of spaceships after starting a new playthrough. Others revealed that they were deliberately avoiding completing the primary mission. They are not ready to lose all their individual ships.

Still, others said that they would not even think about starting another playthrough until there was a way around this drawback of New Game Plus mode.

Such an option will be a pretty long wait. If only because it’s somewhat unlikely that Bethesda itself will ever change the way NG+ works for story-related reasons. There seem to be many players who are reluctant to lose their fleets. They are still hoping that the modding community will eventually address this perceived shortcoming of New Game Plus.

However, the game will probably first need to get official modding support via the Creation Kit. The latter is not scheduled for release until early 2024. Historically, Bethesda has launched such tools about four months after their games. This history indicates that the Starfield Creation Kit will likely debut in late January or early February.

Source: Reddit

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