The director of the new spy thriller signed his daughter’s cat for his film

MOVIE NEWS – Anyone who has seen the trailer for Argylle: The Super Spy may have noticed that a cat plays a central role in it. It is not yet clear what exactly the tabby does in the story, but it is already known that director Michael Vaughn had trouble with him.


More precisely, with its predecessor. “We started shooting with a professional, trained cat who refused to cooperate,” the director told Vanity Fair magazine. “I fired him for that.” Thank God I could do it, cat actors have no rights. I went home and took my daughter’s cat, Chip, and said I’ll borrow him for three months. There was no problem with him.”

In addition, Vaughn underwent character development. He was originally a canine type and hated cats, but he changed under the influence of Chip, because he had to spend almost the whole day with him during the filming, so he became friends with him in his agony.

In the film, Argylle (Henry Cavill), the James-Bond-like super spy, is a writer (Bryce Dallas  Howard) is the fictional hero of the series of novels, whose life comes to life and intertwines with the story in the novels. In the film, Dua Lipa plays Lady Doom.

(Argylle – domestic release: February 1, 2024)

Source: UIP

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