Paul Mescal’s Shining Moment: A Rising Star Scores the Lead Role in Gladiator 2

MOVIE NEWS – The sequel to Gladiator is gaining attention not just for the thrill of continuation but for director Ridley Scott’s choice of a new talent, Paul Mescal, for the lead role. Although the film’s production is currently on hold due to an actors’ strike in Hollywood, Mescal’s selection is sure to add a fresh flair to the anticipated epic. Ridley Scott revealed that it was Mescal’s performance in the series “Normal People” that convinced him, leaving him spellbound.


Paul Mescal is becoming increasingly known in Hollywood, and now he has reached another milestone in his career as he has been cast for the lead role in Gladiator 2. The making of the sequel is currently on a pause due to the ongoing actors’ strike in Hollywood, but it’s already certain that the film will not be a hastily put together piece, but a real historical epic filled with stars, directed by Ridley Scott. Mescal, who was recently praised for his leading role in the Oscar-nominated “Once Upon a Summer,” will now bring to life the character of Lucius, known from the first installment.

In an interview with Total Film, Scott disclosed that it wasn’t Mescal’s movies, but the viewing of the series “Normal People” that made him decide he was the perfect choice for the role. Although the series didn’t entirely match Scott’s taste, Mescal’s performance captivated him, and after watching four episodes, he knew he wanted him for the lead role. The script for Gladiator 2 was ready, and seeing Mescal’s character, he knew immediately he would be the perfect choice.

Mescal, of course, also had to convince the producers, but that was not a hard task. The producers saw him in the stage version of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” where Mescal showed off his upper body several times to the delight of the female audience, and with that, he also proved to the producers that he would be a good choice for the role.

Source: Total Film

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