Netflix Cancelled This Show, and it Became the Most Popular on the Service!

MOVIE NEWS – If you’re a Netflix subscriber, chances are you’ve had one of your favorite shows cancelled during your subscription. The streamer has a bit of a bad reputation for prematurely cancelling shows that had a lot more mileage. Most recently, the wildly successful series Sex Education was canceled after its fourth and final season aired.


Sex Education premiered in 2019 to critical acclaim. Set at Moordale High School, the series originally focused on Otis, whose mother happens to be a sex therapist. To improve his social standing at school, Otis decides to use everything he knows to open an underground sex clinic, and thus began our adventure with these characters. We knew before season four that this would be the final season, and it sounds like it was a mutual decision between Netflix and showrunner Laurie Nunn, and an early one at that.

Nunn explained, “I always felt in my head that I could write these characters forever and ever. It was painful to let them go, and I think I’m still coming to terms with that. But it happened very organically: when we did the writers’ room for season four, we didn’t set out to make it the last show.”

Nunn continued, “It wasn’t an easy decision, but as the themes and storylines for the new season crystallized, it became clear that this was the right time to end it.” This is interesting because many fans feel the opposite. The last season was declared the weakest, with many viewers saying that more time was needed for the story to unfold and for certain characters to get the closure they deserved.

With that in mind, and judging by these ratings, it seems that both Netflix and Nunn may have ended things a little too soon. According to Deadline, the final season of Sex Education is Netflix’s most-watched series so far this year in the UK. Here, the premiere was watched by three million viewers, with 2.5 million tuning in for the second episode. It overtook the previous leader, At Home With The Furies, which had 2.6 million viewers in August.

Source: Gaming Bible


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