Star Trek: Have They Been Lying To Us About Mister Spock Up Until Now?!

MOVIE NEWS – Mister Spock is the icon of Star Trek, both in-universe and out-of-universe. In Star Trek: Defiant #8 comic, readers learn that this status essentially makes his rank a lie. WARNING: contains spoilers for ST: Defiant #8!



Star Trek has confirmed that Mister Spock’s rank is essentially a lie. Spock has held many titles, ranks, and positions as an integral figure in the franchise, from Starfleet Captain to a member of Worf’s rebel crew. In ST: Defiant #8, as the dust settles from the God Wars, Worf and his crew are given a new mission by Starfleet. Spock goes with them, showing the influence he has with the Federation.

In Star Trek: Defiant #8, written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Angel Unzueta, Worf and the Defiant crew are brought to justice for stealing the ship.

Admiral Jellico and Admiral Nechayev will oversee the trial. They begin by asking Worf what he can say for himself. Spock suggests that the admirals and Starfleet should be more grateful to Worf. Instead, Starfleet denies the crew, and Spock bids them farewell. Readers learn that Worf and his crewmates are serving as bounty hunters. Spock later rejoins them, revealing that he forced Starfleet to inform him of the mission he is joining as a science officer.

Spock joins the Defiant as a science officer, thus ending his career. He began in the same position on the Enterprise. He later became Kirk’s first mate. Spock was later promoted to the rank of captain, where he oversees Starfleet training ships. Sometime in the early 24th century, after leaving Starfleet, Spock followed in his father’s footsteps and became an ambassador. This work eventually led Spock to champion the cause of reuniting Vulcans and Romulans. This took him straight to the heart of the Romulan Empire, where Worf met him at the beginning of the Gods’ War.


Spock can do whatever he wants in the Star Trek universe


Something that has become abundantly clear throughout the God Wars storyline is that Spock can write his own ticket if he wants to, and Star Trek: Defiant #8 proves it. Spock talks back to both Jellico and Nechayev. When the admirals pass judgment, Spock essentially gets a slap on the wrist: he’s dismissed. Later, Spock uses this influence to force Starfleet to inform him of Worf’s mission. Spock then joins in, seemingly without consequence.

Spock is a Starfleet legend who has repeatedly helped save the galaxy – as such, Spock can do as he pleases, but he does not abuse the privilege.

Very few Federation citizens have Spock’s influence. This makes all his official ranks meaningless. No one in Starfleet can stand up to a superior officer as Spock did. But because of his status, that is precisely what happened. Spock got away with it because of his legendary status and later resigned his commission to learn of Worf’s secret mission. Mister Spock is an icon of Star Trek, both in-universe and out-of-universe, and this status gives him significant influence within Starfleet, even years after he left. This means that his rank is ultimately a lie.

Source: IDW Publishing

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