“Sony Needs A Multimedia Subscription Against Game Pass”

It’s the only way Sony can compete with Microsoft’s service, according to an analyst from MIDiA Research. Is a Netflix rival required?


Gamesindustry interviewed several analysts. What do they think will be the impact on the game industry now that Microsoft owns Activision Blizzard King? The question was also answered by Karol Severin of MIDiA Research, who believes that Sony should create a multimedia subscription service, because with Microsoft, the company can no longer survive by relying solely on games.

“Sony has one of the most impressive content catalogs in the world. Putting it together in a subscription offering, for example, could be a solid competitive answer to Xbox’s cross-platform efforts. It will be increasingly difficult to compete with Microsoft on games alone. The only answer for Sony on the games-only side would be to buy something really big like Take-Two, but that is unlikely,” Severin said.

He is not wrong. Sony could indeed offer its subscribers something different in terms of TV and movies, and the PlayStation Productions division was created specifically to make adaptations of video game IPs (such as Gran Turismo, which used the Hungaroring as a location). There have been rumors of this before, and this is where Crunchyroll’s offering could come in, as it too has migrated under Sony’s wings, but we’ve heard in the past that the revamped PlayStation Plus might have the anime focused streaming service on one of its tiers… but it doesn’t.

PlayStation Plus didn’t even have this option until recently, but Sony Pictures Core, formerly known as Bravia Core, has recently appeared on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, giving PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe subscribers access to nearly a hundred movies. The selection is not very robust and varies by region, so a Final Fantasy movie might be available to subscribers in North America but not in Europe.

Severin’s suggestion suggests a broader offering compared to Sony Pictures Core, so it’s time for Sony to man up as Game Pass becomes more comprehensive.

Source: WCCFTech

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