Far Cry 7 Rumours Could Mean Bad News for a Memorable Main Villain

The unannounced Far Cry 7 has been the subject of countless rumours recently, and one of them is supposed to be not so good news for whether we’ll get another elaborate, interesting supervillain?


Far Cry 7 has been the subject of a series of leaks and rumours over the past month, seemingly revealing the game’s core narrative and gameplay. Far Cry 7 looks set to take the series in a new direction, turning the script and narrative formula of its predecessors on its head. The title’s enemy faction, Sons of Truth, however, seems to follow some of the series’ recent mistakes. If this is the case, then this rumour, alongside rumours focusing on the title’s gameplay, could be bad news for Far Cry 7’s main villain.

Far Cry 7 will reportedly follow the player character as he tries to save his family from the Sons of Truth cult, who are holding their family members captive in various locations throughout the title’s open world. In doing so, Far Cry 7 breaks with the series’ recent formula of transporting players to a unique location or trapping them in a trap and forcing them to flee the antagonistic group. To make things more interesting, Far Cry 7 may be non-linear, meaning fans can chase and rescue their family members in any order they like. However, the title also adds a new in-game “ticking clock” that forces players to save their family members as efficiently and quickly as possible. Failure to do so can result in captive members being killed or the completion being completely unattainable.

Far Cry titles are perhaps best known for their incredibly memorable villains. Far Cry 3’s Vaas, Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min and Far Cry 5’s Joseph Seed make their own stories tenfold with their sheer audacity, cruelty and charm. The last few Far Cry games, however, have lacked this bombastic quality, as the original focus on a single, highly unpredictable villain has shifted to plots in which the player faces off against entire governments or far-reaching cults. Even in the case of Joseph Seed, the presence of the cult and his family threatened to make Far Cry 5 one of the best villains in the series.

In Far Cry 7, the rumors surrounding the Sons of Truth describe them as a mysterious, terrorizing cult whose true intentions are as yet unknown. This description bears some similarities to the more recent titles in the series, suggesting that the main villain could be the same clichéd, boring character again. Given other leaked details of Far Cry 7 that show the evolution of the series’ central conventions, an antagonist group like the Sons of Truth seems like another knock-off that threatens to take the spotlight away from the main villain, or make him just as clichéd. More importantly, the title’s rumoured gameplay leaves little opportunity for Far Cry 7’s main villain to live up to the best of the series.

Far Cry 7’s cult may take the spotlight away from the main villain, in a way that the title’s new gameplay elements will make the player focus less on him. Rumours about Far Cry 7’s gameplay describe a timed, non-linear experience that emphasises efficiency, speed and focused exploration. While this gameplay develops the stagnant modern formula of the series, it leaves little room for a deep, coherent narrative. For this reason, however, Far Cry 7’s protagonist is unlikely to be a memorable character.

The gameplay of Far Cry 7 has the main villain stuck between a rock and a hard place. While the latest features in the title aim to revive a stagnant, fan-favourite franchise, they also threaten to continue the “restraint” of the series’ villains. Far Cry 7’s villain will need to deliver something truly unique and impressive to make the most of the new restrictions. That being said, current details surrounding Far Cry 7 are unconfirmed, meaning that this information could change with an official announcement from Ubisoft.

Source: GameRant

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