Final Fantasy XIV Director Dreams Of A Diablo Crossover

For Naoki Yoshida, aka Yoshi-P, this is one of the dreams he would like to realize.


Final Fantasy XIV has already collaborated with Monster Hunter, Fall Guys (which runs until the end of October), and Yo-kai Watch, so Square Enix’s MMORPG has often collaborated with others. But the game’s director and producer, Yoshida, wants to go further and collaborate with Diablo, Blizzard’s IP now owned by Microsoft!

He said at the press conference at the London Fan Festival: “I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I’m a huge Blizzard fan. So I mean, if we could just make it work, I would love to see some kind of collaboration with Diablo. Diablo has a pretty, I would say, hardcore graphical perspective in terms of the world. So you know, you see spikes here and there. In terms of the ratings, it might be a little difficult. And on the other hand, we don’t really want to disappoint the fans of the franchise. So yeah, it’s a tricky one. So if we go for a softer version of Diablo 14… of course, maybe that’s not what people want,” said Yoshida, who also hinted that older collaborations (including Yo-kai Watch) could return in the near future.

A few months ago, a player earned all the available achievements (2751) and it took him ten years to do it, and one of them took about seven years of work. Yoshida was aware of this, and offered him the chance to make a very challenging achievement with his team, in order to keep the player, who was a perfectionist to say the least, occupied…

“First and foremost, I just want to say wow, big congratulations on seeing that player just stick with it, just keep going…as a creator of an MMO, that’s a really fantastic thing to see. Of course we will continue to make achievements in the game, but whether we make an achievement that would be a higher difficulty, it all comes down to that particular player. If they want it, we’d be happy to do it. In that case, just send us a message on the forums. If you send us the message, I trust you. We will keep our promise,” Yoshida added.

Brave, that’s for sure.

Source: PCGamer, PCGamer

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