The Premiere Of Mission: Impossible 8 Could Be Significantly Delayed Due To The Strike?!

MOVIE NEWS – Mission: Impossible 8, the second part of MI7: Dead Reckoning, is set to be delayed until 2025 amid the strike.



It seems the release date for Mission: Impossible 8 has been pushed back to 2025. So this is the latest film to be postponed due to the actors’ strike. Initially scheduled for June 2024, the film will now be released on 23 May 2025.

In the sequel, the story of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One picks up where the film left off earlier this year.

As with the rest of the franchise, it is expected to feature a series of death-defying stunts, most of which will be performed by lead actor Tom Cruise.

Dead Reckoning was an underperformer among 2023 films. Paramount ended up losing around $40 million in production costs. Despite this, it won acclaim from critics and moviegoers alike. It was one of the highest-rated films of 2023.

Whatever the future holds for Mission: Impossible, McQuarrie’s third directorial effort proves that he can still pull off some ingenious tricks. For, in a departure from the gloom of the last few episodes, he has created an explosive yet self-reflexive action story that leaves us wanting more.

So the latest Mission: Impossible joins the many films that have been delayed due to the actors’ strike. Among them are Dune: Part Two, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, and practically the entire Disney film slate. Deadpool 3 is among the films expected to face a delay. The cast and crew are currently waiting for filming to resume.

SAG-AFTRA is expected to resume negotiations with Hollywood studios this week. However, it seems that despite the writers’ strike that ended at the end of last month, they are no closer to a solution.

Source: Variety

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