Mysterious Surprise Game In The Making At Capcom?!

Capcom claims that it plans to release a “major unannounced title” before March 24, later this fiscal year.



If all is true, Capcom is planning to release a “major” unannounced title. And it will do so before the end of its current fiscal year. The latter will end in March 2024. So, the mystery game will land in the hands of users soon.

That’s according to a Japanese Q&A published alongside its latest results this week, in which it mentions the unannounced title in the context of how it plans to meet its year-end sales targets.

Considering the unannounced game’s ambitions, it’s possible that it’s related to one of Capcom’s two biggest franchises, Resident Evil or Monster Hunter. It’s also possible that with few major industry events left until March 2024, the game could be announced during The Game Awards in December.

Capcom said that after a robust first half of the fiscal year, it is on track to achieve 11 consecutive years of operating revenue growth. The company’s best-selling game in the first half was Street Fighter 6. The latter has already surpassed 2.47 million units since its release in early June.

The Resident Evil 4 remake sold an additional 1.66 million copies in the first half of the fiscal year. This brings the total number of copies sold since its release in March to 5.45 million. Capcom’s biggest-selling franchise of all time – surpassing the 150 million sales mark.

In mid-July, the publisher launched a new IP, Exoprimal, for PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Less than 940,000 copies of the game, which was available on console and PC for Game Pass at launch, had been sold by the end of September. This is somewhat below expectations. However, it is still a significant success.


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