Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza opened with an amazing record

MOVIE NEWS – Five Nights at Freddy’s had the best opening weekend of the year in the horror category, grossing $131 million (of which $78 million went to the North American box office) , and in several countries, e.g. it will only be shown in our country this week (in theaters from October 31, before the domestic premiere!). For the studio Blumhouse, which produced the film, this is the best result of its existence, a bigger success than the presentation of Halloween five years ago.


Blumhouse, or more precisely, its founder Jason Blum, got his hands on the ball when he decided to make a movie called Five Days at Freddy’s (FNaF). based on a video game and its extended universe (the video game has several sequels, books, plastic and plush toys, souvenirs, decorations have been made from it). The concept was that millions of FNaF fans would scream with joy in the auditorium when they could finally see their favorite story come to life on the big screen. And shoot, this is how producer Jason Blum should get five in the lottery next time. The net is already full of posts from delighted dads who write that their teenage children ran wild screaming in the auditorium when they saw their favorite story come to life on the cinema screen. Another secret of the success is that even those who have never heard of FNaF have a lot of fun: moviegoers in the field believe that everything in this film is properly arranged, and they wouldn’t even think of asking for the price of the ticket back.

In this case, it is said that the entertainment industry professionals will analyze the extraordinary phenomenon for a long time, but Vulture has already summarized the essence. The title of their paper – Let’s fall into the rabbit hole – hits the nail on the head: Five Nights at Freddy’s Pizza is a seemingly simple product, but when it goes deeper, it offers a psychedelic experience to those who are receptive to Alice also finds himself in a mind-blowing hallucinogenic world when he is transferred to Wonderland.

The story of the game and the movie can be summed up in one sentence. In a closed pizzeria, the night security guard battles terrifying animatronic puppets possessed by a supernatural force. However, for a fan, FNaF offers amazing depths as you delve deeper and deeper. Anyone who has been sucked into the rabbit hole begins to produce wilder and wilder theories in the case of FNaF, as can be seen recently, for example, in the case of the Separation series. But we can also quote here the fierce debates that have been going on for decades about the extent to which Kubrick’s classic The Shining can be considered a metaphor for the fake moon landing.

Vulture features the biggest fan and expert in the FNaF galaxy, Matthew Patrick, who goes by the stage name MatPat on YouTube. “FNaF can be played through in about three hours, but we can fixate on the small details in the meantime. How many buttons are there on a dummy, what pops up in the background, if we change the camera angle, things like that, explains MatPat. “It’s all about the mood telling the story.” In other games, if a character has six toes, you think it’s a bug or the designer fell asleep, but there are no coincidences here. You have the feeling that every detail has gone directly to where it belongs, and every time they will take you in a different direction.”

Patrick is a full-time FNaF expert, scientifically researching the game’s universe, which he believes has an infinite number of variations. This is supported by the fact that the eighteenth (!) FNaF video game is coming soon, and Jason Blum should not be called Jason Blum if, in light of the perhaps surprising bombshell success, he is no longer working on the fifth sequel to the movie franchise.

(Five Nights at Freddy’s – before the premiere, already in domestic cinemas from Tuesday!)

Source: UIP

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