Lies Of P: New Patch Announced – Could There Be DLC Coming Soon?! [VIDEO]

In a “video letter”, the director of Lies of P reported on what awaits the game in the near future.



Publisher Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio will release a balance patch for the Soulslike action RPG Lies of P in November. The companies announced this in a video letter from director Jiwon Choi. In addition, the companies also presented the first concept drawing of the upcoming downloadable content.

In the video hosted by game director Jiwon Choi, players are given information about the period since Lies of P’s official release on September 19th. As well as what to expect from the game in the near future, including a look at the first downloadable content. Also, details on the release of the game’s official soundtrack and more.

After thanking fans for helping Lies of P surpass one million copies sold in its first month, Choi touches on the game’s upcoming balance improvements.

The update, which is expected to arrive in November, will bring significant changes to the balance of weapons and characters. As well as quality of life changes to ease the difficulty of the early game. As a token of gratitude from the developers, players will also receive a new outfit. Also, a new feature to equip glasses and hats separately. This gives them even more freedom in character customization.

As an added treat for players, Choi gives a brief preview of Lies of P’s upcoming game content via never-before-seen sketches. On these, we saw a small part of the content available in the first downloadable content (DLC).

More information, including full patch notes and details on new downloadable content, will be available soon.

Source: YouTube

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