Could The New Stranger Things Prequel Reveal An Interesting Connection?!

MOVIE NEWS – Hopper and Eddie never had a scene together in Stranger Things season 4. However, the new history volume revealed that they came into contact during a critical event. (WARNING: danger of spoilers regarding season 4 and Flight of Icarus!)



The new Stranger Things prequel brings together Chief Jim Hopper and Eddie Munson. Even though they never shared the screen together in season 4. Of course, Hopper was stuck in Kamchatka, Russia, in the big episode of the fourth part of the Netflix series. After fighting Demogorgons and Soviet comrades, Hopper escaped with the help of Joyce, Murray, and Yuri. He returned to Hawkins by the end of Season 4. However, Eddie was already dead by then after sacrificing himself for the group.

Due to the timeline, Eddie never had a chance to interact with Hopper.

Perhaps it was hinted that they knew each other, given that Hawkins was a small town, and there was a tease that Eddie’s father was no stranger to local law enforcement.

Nevertheless, it turns out that Hopper was indeed present at a critical moment in Eddie’s life. The prequel Flight of Icarus proves this. The story takes place in the spring of 1984. That is, the events take place before Season 2 of Stranger Things, when Hopper was still present as a police chief.


Hopper and Eddie bonded during a key Stranger Things event


Flight of Icarus reveals new details about what happened to Eddie Munson’s father in Stranger Things. Aside from a few throwaway mentions, Hopper is the one who connects with Eddie. After a botched robbery, they are locked up. Eddie’s father, Al, convinces him to rob a drug lord. It turns out that the man is her criminal partner. Eddie becomes involved in the scam, which results in his house burning down and a cop getting shot. The other companions, including Al, run away, so Eddie has to take responsibility for the situation. Fortunately, Hopper knows that Eddie is not responsible for the trouble.

Hopper hints that he knows Al is responsible for everything and allows Eddie to make phone calls while he’s in jail.

He is eventually released on bail. Hopper pops in a few times to update the case and Al’s whereabouts. But more importantly, it distracts from Eddie. Eddie even mentions that “Chief Hopper did a pretty good job of quelling the rumours after all” in response to Eddie and any connection to the mess his father caused. Unlike the others in Hawkins, Hopper never seems to reject Eddie because of Al’s reputation immediately.


How might Hopper and Eddie’s past affect Season 5?


After Eddie bravely sacrificed himself in Season 4 of Stranger Things, the truth about his death must be kept a secret. Even before his uncle Wayne. Dustin tried to prove that Eddie died a hero, a sentiment not shared by the rest of Hawkins. His connection to Chrissy’s death and Satanist rumours made Eddie a villain in the eyes of the town. Although this was far from the truth, it was all his friends could do to change that opinion.

However, Hopper may be the person who can change that perception in Season 5 of Stranger Things.

Because Hopper has seen the good in Eddie in the past, and because he has the opportunity to learn the truth about the young man’s relationship with Vecna, Hopper may be able to convince everyone that Eddie has always been a hero, not a villain. Once he returns to Hawkins, he will undoubtedly return as an authority figure. This means you have a chance to make things right with Eddie. Although he won’t be able to share the whole truth, he can protect Eddie in the same way he did in 1984.


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