It’s Official: Trailer For Grand Theft Auto VI Is Coming Soon!

Rockstar Games’ tweet confirming the upcoming announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI has set a record on the social media platform.



Rockstar Games, the studio behind industry-defining blockbuster franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, set a Twitter record. Because they confirmed that he plans to present the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI at the beginning of next month! Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online turned ten in September. Even in the decade since their release, they have managed to maintain their vast, dedicated player base.

Regardless of GTA Online’s continued success, fans are growing restless as there hasn’t been any official Grand Theft Auto VI news from Rockstar.

Coupled with Rockstar’s recent stumbles with the Switch and PS4 ports of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy and Red Dead Redemption, the vibe surrounding the studio has been a bit sour lately. In recent years, there have been many leaks and rumours about GTA VI’s possible Vice City location and dual male and female protagonists. But none of them have been officially confirmed yet.

Most recently, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed that Rockstar plans to unveil Grand Theft Auto VI next week, with a full trailer around Rockstar’s 25th anniversary in December. Not long after, Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser put together a short and simple tweet using Rockstar’s official Twitter account, confirming the studio’s plans to drop the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI in early December.

Popular gaming news outlet Okami Games pointed out that the tweet has since been viewed 75 million times and received over a million likes. All of this is likely due in part to Rockstar’s 17.5 million Twitter followers and 384,000 retweets of the post.

Okami mentioned that this simple tweet from Rockstar Games quickly became the most-liked gaming tweet ever. It’s even more impressive when you consider that it doesn’t even include an image or video. Plus, this was the fourth tweet in Rockstar’s waxing poetic about its 25th anniversary. Now that the game’s first trailer is officially upon us, it’s possible that it will be Rockstar’s most-watched reveal trailer to date. The 2011 reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto V reached an astounding 90 million views. The first reveal of the most recent title, Red Dead Redemption 2, is no mean feat either, with 22 million views on YouTube.


A major developer has spoken out against Grand Theft Auto VI leaks


Halo’s community manager has taken to social media to speak out against the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI leaks. With millions of eager fans awaiting the release, it’s not unusual for the lead-up to the release of a large-scale game like this to be shrouded in excitement and secrecy. However, preliminary leaks before the official unveiling prompted a statement from Halo’s community manager.

In a Twitter post, John Junyszek expressed his disappointment that unnamed individuals decided to undermine years of hard work by his colleagues by leaking information about Grand Theft Auto VI.

He emphasized how important it is to work on a game that attracts millions of players. Understanding the implications of such leaks. According to him, instead of a spectacular and carefully planned surprise for the fans, the unveiling has now become just an expectation. Depriving both the development team and the gaming community of the excitement they deserve for a new instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. “Don’t be that person,” Junyszek stated, highlighting his outrage at the individual who leaked such important information.

This case is a reminder that the game industry lives on the commitment of developers and fans. GTA VI leaks have the potential to dampen the excitement generated by the big announcement. Junyszek’s message calls for a more thoughtful approach in order to preserve such exciting moments. While the culture of leaks surrounding games has grown in recent years, John Junyszek’s perspective reinforces the importance of patience and respect for the hard work of development teams.

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