Konami Is Pathetic: Fans Fix Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1

After that, we have every right to be afraid that the Japanese company will screw up any Silent Hill remakes that might be in the pipeline (the Silent Hill 2 remake doesn’t look too promising either).


Okay, you can’t really improve the state of a game on consoles (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch), but you can on PC. Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 is currently only able to receive a quality improvement on PC, which is not something that fans should have to do, but Konami should have at least made a tiny effort to ensure that the result wasn’t a sloppy rip-off.

A total of TEN hours after the release of the collection on Steam, a user named Sergenaur released the MGSResolution patch, which allows you to play Snake’s (and Raiden’s in the second part) story in 4K resolution. On October 29, he also fixed bugs related to the interface and codecs in Metal Gear Solid 2, fixing one of the major bugs. You can now play the collection in ultra-wide or custom resolutions.

Here’s the MGSHDFix by Lyall, emoose, ShizCalev, and yoyossef, so you get ultra-wide resolution in exchange for a smaller interface stretch. They are also testing a 16:9 UI option that will resize it and scenes in MGS2 and 3. You can play in borderless and windowed modes, turn on the mouse cursor, fine tune mouse sensitivity in 3, get the correct gameplay/scene aspect ratio in 2 and 3, skip intro logos, adjust anisotropic filtering, and the texture size limit has been increased.

Unfortunately, the first Metal Gear Solid is in no better shape. You’re stuck with the original PS1 4:3 aspect ratio and 240p resolution; unless you choose American or Japanese, you’re looking at 50Hz/25FPS (which is terrible on a 60Hz display), and Konami seems to be emulating. We would like to add that there was a PC port of this game back in the day. Maybe they forgot to archive the code? At least Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 run natively.

Meanwhile, Konami is sitting on its butt.

Source: PCGamer

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