AI Is Spreading On YouTube, So It’s Worth Sharing Its Usage!

TECH NEWS – If monetising uploaders do not disclose that they have used AI, the video in question may not generate revenue.


Generative (content-creating) artificial intelligence is spreading at an astonishing rate. Alphabet knows this, so its video-sharing platform YouTube (owned by Google, but Alphabet is the parent company) will be adding AI-based features, but the company is already implementing policy changes that apply to videos created using AI. The changes will be rolled out over the next few months.

According to YouTube’s blog, uploaders will have to disclose if their videos contain realistic but modified or synthetic elements created using artificial intelligence. For example, the video might contain an AI-generated image or something else, or scenes where people say something they did not say because they were spoken by AI. The main aim is to ensure that uploaders do not use AI in a harmful way.

Anyone who fails to disclose the use of AI can be punished in a number of ways. The video could be taken down by YouTube. Worse still, they could be suspended from YouTube’s affiliate programme, which means they simply won’t get any more ad revenue for their videos. Of course, the rules haven’t gone into effect yet, so there’s time to prepare, but we’ve also heard that YouTube will be working with uploaders to make sure everyone understands why these requirements are necessary.

Users will see tags that let them know if they are watching AI-generated material. If the content is sensitive, it will be more prominently tagged (especially when using YouTube’s own generative AI products and features). However, this may not always be enough, as a video may violate the community guidelines even if the uploader has marked the use of AI. If any of the videos involved are found to be inaccurate or misleading, YouTube may remove these AI-generated videos (e.g., because of a known person using facial or voice recognition). Music partners will be able to request the removal of AI-generated music videos.

The question is how this will go wrong.

Source: WCCFTech

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