Diablo IV: If You Haven’t Tried It Yet, Now You Can Do It For Free! Here are the details

The trial version available on Steam gives curious but non-committed players full access to all Diablo IV content until November 28th!



Diablo IV has previously offered a free trial on Battle.net. But now you can try it for free on Steam for the first time. Until 10:00 PT/1:00 ET on November 28th, all the power is yours to wreak havoc on the ruined Sanctuary realm – with some restrictions.

I suspect the timing is no coincidence – yesterday was also the first day of the big Steam Fall Sale – and it opens the door to a vast potential player base that Blizzard’s own Battle.net, with all due respect, simply doesn’t have.

It’s also an opportunity to reverse the game’s not-so-good first impressions on Steam. User reviews here are currently mixed. This is not catastrophic (Starfield, for example, holds the same rating). But it’s not very good for a game that is supposed to be a strong return of one of Blizzard’s most famous game series.

Trial players have access to all Diablo IV content. But as mentioned, there is a limitation: characters are limited to level 20. This is not very high. It won’t take most people long to get there. Especially since Blizzard is also having a “Mother’s Blessing” week that will give you a 35% XP and gold bonus until November 27th. Blizzard has confirmed that the bonus applies to both the trial version of the game and the full release. That is, depending on what you do, it may not take you more than a few hours to reach the level cap.

The XP bonus is suitable for those who don’t have much time for the trial period, plus you can create multiple characters and grind them all to level 20 if you want – as far as we know, there’s no limit to how many times you can run it.

So, if you want to try out all the classes in the game, this is definitely an excellent opportunity to do so. But if you were hoping for a whole week of hell, it’s not going to happen. You’ll get a solid Saturday afternoon out of it if you’re lucky.

Even if you can’t immerse yourself in Diablo IV’s content with this trial, it’s hardly the worst way to kill a weekend. It’s hard to argue with free. If you’ve been wanting to try the game for a long time but really, really don’t want to play on Battle.net, here’s your chance. If you are enchanted enough by the experience, you can also get it cheap now. Diablo IV is 40% cheaper – that’s $42/£36/€42 – in the Steam Fall 2023 sale.

Source: Steam

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