It’s Not Just The PC Market That’s Down: Demand For SSDs Is Down Too!

TECH NEWS – But it’s worth investing in an SSD now, because they’re not that expensive at the moment…


The SSD market hasn’t been looking good lately: TrendForce reported a 10% drop in international shipments last year. The SSD market has been in decline for several quarters now. The site’s analysis didn’t specify the exact reason, but it’s easy to see why.

First, consumer demand is down. There is no money for PC upgrades (where we have also seen a declining market), so there is no money for components. Then there was a shortage of master control ICs in 2021, which also made things worse, but that could recover in 2022, so it was more a case of no money. In 2022, 114 million SSDs were shipped, down 10.7% from the previous year, and that’s not an insignificant amount!

According to TrendForce, Kingston continues to lead the SSD market with 28% of the pie. Behind them is Adata, but this company has consolidated its position rather than gaining strength. Also worth mentioning are Lexar, Kimtigo and Netac, all of which have seen significant recent growth in both the consumer and enterprise segments. TrendForce has a positive forecast for 2023, as NAND suppliers will cut production and manufacturers will raise prices (which is why we say it is worth investing in a 2TB NVMe SSD NOW).

TrendForce is also optimistic about Chinese SSD vendors, who are also getting more advanced, especially with PCIe 4.0 technology (the newer generation can offer higher read and write speeds, but you can also put SSDs on older motherboards and get slower speeds, e.g. Gen 3, thanks to backward compatibility).

So SSDs are slowly getting more expensive! If you have some spare money and need good and fast storage, get an SSD for cheap.

Source: WCCFTech

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