Sam Altman’s Firing From OpenAI: The Reason Revealed?

TECH NEWS – In the latest act of the Altman drama (which has played out in just a few days…), we learn the possible reason for his firing.


We’ve been following the events surrounding Sam Altman. The CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, was fired by the board of directors over the weekend, whereupon Satya Nadella (leaving the door open for a return), Microsoft’s CEO, made him an offer that he accepted, becoming the head of the Redmond-based tech company’s artificial intelligence team, but an open letter allegedly from former OpenAI employees painted a rather different picture of Altman, who has since returned to his seat as CEO of OpenAI. But why all this?

According to Reuters, Altman was temporarily removed not because of his rebellious nature, but because of a breakthrough he had made in artificial intelligence. Several members of the OpenAI staff wrote to the board about the dangers behind the discovery. The board was worried about the development of AI, and the project called Q* was causing them more headaches because of the role it could play in the creation of AGI (artificial general intelligence).

According to OpenAI, humans will be left behind by AGI in most tasks, and this could be dangerous because it could limit humanity’s ability to make a living, and the consequences are unpredictable. Because of the almost unlimited resources, the new model can solve certain mathematical problems. An AI model cannot do it reliably, but an AGI can, and if there is only one correct answer to a math problem, and the technology can fill in the gap, it would be a significant milestone, and could make decisions comparable to human intelligence, and work on scientific research in the process.

The letter, written by researchers at OpenAI, also talked about the dangers of AI for humanity, but the exact details were not disclosed. Whatever happens in the end, it could be a breakthrough, but it also paints an interesting future for a technology that is developing at a tremendous pace and is important for industry.

Source: WCCFTech

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