Joel Kinnaman’s Ultimate Challenge: A Film Without a Single Word – How Did He Cope with Silence? [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Joel Kinnaman, one of the brightest stars in today’s action films, faced a unique challenge during the filming of ‘Silent Night’: he decided not to utter a single word throughout the shooting process. This unusual step can be seen as an extreme form of method acting, where an actor fully adopts the traits of their character. Kinnaman chose this technique to fully immerse himself in his role as a silent hero. He recently shared the trials and tribulations of this decision on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show.


John Woo, the famed filmmaker, has once again created a stunning Hollywood action movie, featuring a protagonist who remains silent throughout. This role is brought to life by Joel Kinnaman, one of the most respected action stars of our time, known for his roles in ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Suicide Squad’. As a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show, the actor revealed his ambitious plans for this unique role.

Kinnaman confessed that he has always wanted to try method acting, a technique where an actor fully embraces the characteristics of their character, bringing them to life not only during filming but also before and after. This approach has aided many Oscar-winning performances in the past, but for Kinnaman, this level of commitment represented a new challenge, especially considering that the filming took place in Mexico, requiring him to be almost completely isolated during the project.

Kinnaman recounted how even the journey to Mexico City before the filming began was a lonely experience, arriving in a city where he knew no one. Though he quickly called his fiancée to say hello, he was already preparing to fully immerse himself in silence with the start of filming. On the first day of shooting, Kinnaman did not speak a word during the car ride, and remained silent even while sitting in the makeup chair, surrounded by others who were chatting. It was then that he decided, despite his firm resolution not to speak, that the silent car ride to the set was enough to draw the necessary inspiration for the weeks of work ahead. Kinnaman’s admission shows that even the most dedicated actors have their limits, and that method acting requires a balance between artistic fidelity and practical feasibility.

‘Silent Night’, in which the protagonist is unable to speak and not a single line of dialogue is heard, arrives in cinemas on December 28, 2023, promising an unconventional cinematic experience where Kinnaman and Woo’s collaboration explores new depths and dimensions in acting representation and visual storytelling.

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