Something Is Wrong With Google Drive: Many People Lost Their Data!

TECH NEWS – There’s nothing worse than having your data in the cloud get lost through no fault of your own (which is why it’s always a risk to store gigabytes or terabytes of data there…).


Out of the blue, something went wrong with Google Drive, and the bug has been around for almost a week. However, it’s quite random and not everyone is affected (in our case there was no loss, it’s true, not that many files are stored there…). One user wrote about how his Google Drive storage suddenly reverted to a May state, so everything he put there after that disappeared (not even in the trash), and all the pre-May files remained in place. This leads us to believe that access to recent backups may have been lost, so they can only tell us how they kept everything until May.

Since then, the user has taken several steps to recover his lost Google Drive data, but so far nothing has worked. Google has also been notified of the error, which is not only an exceptional case because another user also lost data, but the company has responded to him (they are looking into the matter). According to the Alphabet subsidiary, product engineers are already investigating the cause of the data loss and are waiting for the analysis of the underlying cause. In the meantime, they are asking everyone not to change the root directory of Google Drive, as this could be one of the possible causes.

Several users have reported that they have been affected by the data loss, so Google should act as soon as possible to solve the data loss, because if larger companies and organizations also experience that many months or years of their work have disappeared in the digital graveyard (especially if they pay a lot of money for the storage space!), then this could be a serious problem for Google!

So Google better get its act together, because if they don’t, more and more people are going to find that what they had stored there is gone, even though they didn’t delete any SMS from their 15 GB of storage.

Source: WCCFTech

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