When A Fan Surpasses The Official Solution: A Much Smaller PlayStation 5! [VIDEO]

If the official new model of the PlayStation 5 isn’t much smaller than the base model released three years ago (which the new version will replace when stocks of the 2020 edition run out), a fan solution shows how a slim variant could be made.


The new PlayStation 5 model is not officially called Slim. It’s slightly smaller and lighter, and you can remove the Blu-ray drive, which can be bought separately (we’re even being ripped off by buying it separately for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition…), but that’s about the extent of the novelty. Nowhere near as big a redesign as the PSOne was for the PS1, or the PS2 Slim was for the PlayStation 2. Not From Concrete imagined what it would look like if Sony had put at least a little effort into the redesign of the PlayStation 5. The result is simply fantastic!

The video shows how it’s built, what the really smaller console can do, what the cooling system looks like (because you can’t spare that from the machine or it’ll overheat!), but also reveals controller loading and storage “hacks”. But there’s more to the enthusiast solution than just the factory console, with two USB Type-C ports on the front of the machine and, thinking ahead to the present, you can even connect a removable Blu-ray drive to the custom PlayStation 5.

This optical drive isn’t perfect though, as it needs to be registered online and if you restore your PlayStation 5 to factory settings, you’ll have to repeat the process. Therefore, if Sony shuts down the servers in the future and doesn’t remove this step to use the Blu-ray drive, it will only be electronic waste in the future, and thus the value of the original PlayStation 5 will be much higher (while the value of the redesigned models will be pathetic).

If only Sony had taken such a serious approach when designing the new PlayStation 5…

Source: WCCFTech

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