Major Xbox Updates Coming In November?!

TECH NEWS – Xbox has revealed information about the next November update, which will bring significant news for players on the platform.



Microsoft has announced that the Xbox November update is coming soon. It comes with a new compact mode for Windows gamers and brings Japanese support for the virtual keyboard on consoles. And, of course, a new tool for improving games and other refinements. Microsoft is constantly updating its console services to provide a better experience for gamers, and this upcoming change will be significant.

More than 21 million Xbox Series X/S consoles, released initially about three years ago, have been sold so far. While these are the backbone of the Xbox brand, Microsoft is also focused on streaming and PC gaming, and this new update reflects that.

According to a new announcement by Xbox, Compact Mode is coming with the November update. This is a new feature that enhances the gaming experience of players using Windows systems. Compact Mode will be compatible with all Windows devices. Including handhelds like the popular Asus ROG Ally, it makes the Xbox gaming user interface more compact as the sidebar will collapse into icons while using the devices.

PC gamers also get access to the Gaming Services Repair Tool. This fixes missing content issues and fixes issues for players using the Xbox app on PC. Another significant change will be Japanese language support for physical and virtual keyboards. The latter was not available until now. Once launched, players will be able to easily switch between different keyboard options in the “Language & Location” section.


Key changes in the Xbox November update


  • Compact Mode.
  • Japanese language support for physical and virtual keyboards.
  • New game service repair tool for PC gamers.
  • Changes to notifications and banners.


Other minor updates include changes to notifications and banners. These make it easier for users to know, for example, when some of the best games available for Game Pass will be released. A new console-specific change is that players will be informed about wishlist games that will be part of Xbox Free Play Days via notifications.

Finally, Microsoft will also offer phone authentication for those who want to redeem rewards with their console.

In addition to these updates, plenty of new games are coming to the platform next year. So far, it looks like 2024 will be full of Xbox Series X/S releases. Examples include Persona 3 Reload or Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Both will be available on Game Pass on day one. Other confirmed titles include Tekken 8, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Source: Microsoft

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