Batman: Arkham Knight Switch Port Released In A Pathetic Shape! [VIDEO]

A reputable publication has not yet published its analysis of the new version of the game, but its editor has already published a short video, and from it you can already tell that the Switch port is abysmal!


One of Digital Foundry’s editors, Oliver Mackenzie, took to Twitter to share a short video of Batman: Arkham Knight, which was originally released by Rocksteady for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015 (in a similarly scandalous state on PC!). A Nintendo Switch port of it was recently released, and he also provides a framerate analysis. Of course, we can’t expect it to run at 60 FPS when docked on the big N’s hybrid platform at 1080p resolution, but what we see in the video embedded below is shocking!

The graphics are dumbed down. That’s fine. But this is the kind of performance we see when it’s dumbed down like this! This is the problem. In some places the game actually freezes for SECONDS, it’s so laggy that you see 0 FPS on the frame rate number in the top right corner. And all we can say is that this is ridiculous, and as if that wasn’t enough, here’s more: the port is glitching, making the Nintendo version of Batman: Arkham Knight completely unplayable.

But it’s even more outrageous when you add in the fact that a day-one patch for the Nintendo Switch port has arrived… and the port is THAT lousy. Let’s name the developer of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy (which also includes Arkham Asylum and Arkham City): Turn Me Up Games. They ported It Takes Two from Hazelight Studios to the big N hybrid platform.

Let’s just say that the studio couldn’t get the port to scale properly (the other two games were released on PS3/X360 back in the day, it’s easier with that), and we’re seeing the results of that now…

Source: WCCFTech, The Gamer

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