Nvidia Doesn’t Want An Entry-Level RTX 4050 Desktop Graphics Card

TECH NEWS – From the “green” mentality we can see that the implementation of a budget video card based on the Ada Lovelace architecture is not in Nvidia’s plans (the company certainly can’t make a big deal out of it).


We’ve already written that the RTX 4050 is already in laptops, so at least there’s an entry-level graphics chip out there. (True, we don’t see a true low-end chip… after the GT 1030 and GTX 1630, we haven’t seen a ray-tracing version of the card from them yet!) Videocardz reports that there will be no such model in the RTX 4000 series, so the RTX 4060 will still be the lowest end on this architecture, and this card has also been criticized…

The RTX 4060 was released for $300, which is a better MSRP than the RTX 3060’s $330 launch, but that was during the pandemic when you basically had to give your kidneys for every PC part. The new “60” is barely faster than its predecessor, and it’s still more expensive, with the RTX 4060 still available on Amazon for around $300, while some RTX 3060s are available for as little as $290. This price difference is almost negligible. Why is that? It seems that Nvidia is selling the previous architecture Ampere-based GPUs to manufacturers at such a low price that it’s worth it for them to produce the older cards, and that’s why the price of this one can go even lower.

If Nvidia were to take the RTX 4050 from laptops (AD107 GPU, 512 fewer shaders, half the L2 cache, one less memory controller, 96-bit memory bus, 6GB VRAM) and launch it for $200-240, the hardware would fail immediately because it would be barely faster than the RTX 3050. That’s why the RTX 3060 could be an alternative (even if it doesn’t have DLSS 3!), because you can use the AD107 chip in RTX 4060/laptop RTX 4050/workstation RTX 2000 cards,

So it’s not a coincidence that this is the case.

Source: PCGamer

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