How Ryan Gosling Became the Best Superhero Action Hero

MOVIE NEWS – Ryan Gosling likes to try himself in all genres, so next time he will not only put his much-admired romantic and dramatic self into battle, but also excel as an action hero.


In The Fall Guy, he plays the death-defying stuntman of the big stars, who takes his skin to the fair for them in dangerous scenes. However, he is forced to become a protagonist from an eternal extra when he falls into the middle of a real large-scale crime during a film shoot. Based on the trailer, it seems that The Fall Guy opens a new era in the history of action films, which is no wonder, as the director is ex-stuntman David Leitch, who exploded with the John Wick films. Leitch didn’t have a hard time with Gosling, who has a strong history in action movies.
Gosling was introduced to the world of fast hits and bone-crushing car rollovers thanks to a Danish art filmmaker, Nicolas Vinding Refn: the Oscar-nominated Drive – Gázt! and their 79 other award-winning joint films are permanent provides an experience. The psychological drama grafted into an action film was followed by another joint soar: in the revenge campaign entitled Only God Forgives, Gosling decimated the Bangkok underworld with alternating methods, under the lighting of crimson and purple neon lights, which the film deserved the paradoxical but apt “colorful noir” rating.

After such daring and desperate exercises, Gosling already knows how to stylishly fall out of a window and hit someone in the head with an understanding smile as a leading stuntman.< /p>

(The Fall Guy – domestic release: May 2, 2024.)

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