Sony Boss: “The PlayStation 5 Has Some Advantages Against The PC”

Sony Interactive Entertainment vice president Hideaki Nishino has tried to put the PlayStation 5, which was released three years ago and has been redesigned since November, in a good light.


Playing on a PC is becoming more and more popular (except when the graphics card randomly decides not to deliver video; this is just one example of where an old rig can fail!), but there are some advantages to playing on the PlayStation 5 instead. Nishino also touched on this in an interview with Nikkei Asia. According to Nishino, if you want to play games with the same GPU performance as PlayStation 5, you have to spend more money on your configuration (of course, you can use a PC for other things; it’s the platform with the productivity edge, and we’re writing this on a PC!) On the other hand, a console allows the player to enjoy the game on the same level right away.

It’s true that playing on a PC is more expensive (if you consider the “entry fee”: motherboard, processor, memory, video card, storage, power supply…), but on a high-end configuration you get a much more powerful visual experience than on a console. Ray tracing is not very sustainable on consoles, while real-time path tracing has already been implemented on PCs, for example in Cyberpunk 2077 or Alan Wake II, and we can expect much stronger visuals in many more titles to come (although you will need a sufficiently modern graphics card for this…).

According to Nishino, Sony released the new PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Portal in the middle of the console’s lifecycle to boost holiday sales. They are also hoping to see further sales growth from games developed specifically for the PlayStation 5 (such as Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or even the same studio’s Marvel’s Wolverine, which is rumored to be coming as early as 2024). And the future? That remains to be seen, but we doubt the PlayStation Portal will be of much use.

It’s almost certain that a Pro model of the PlayStation 5 will be made…

Source: WCCFTech

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