Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart: Would Insomniac’s Hit Game Have Been A Financial Failure?!

According to the latest Insomniac ransomware attack, 2021’s acclaimed Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart actually didn’t even break even financially…



Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart received critical acclaim when it launched on PS5 in 2021. But recently leaked Insomniac documents revealed that it ultimately failed to break even in terms of sales. The developer behind hit PlayStation franchises such as Ratchet and Clank and Marvel’s Spider-Man recently fell victim to a massive ransomware attack. The group responsible has since started leaking the stolen information online.

The wave of leaks also includes Insomniac’s future plans, including what the studio’s following five projects are.

There has been a lot of information about the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine. For example, about the alleged actor playing the famous Canadian mutant. Also, that Insomniac will reportedly use it as a springboard for a PlayStation-exclusive X-Men game alongside Spider-Man 3 and the long-rumoured Venom spin-off. In addition to the Marvel-related Insomniac leaks, it has also been revealed that a brand new Ratchet and Clank game could be coming in 2029.

Unfortunately, it seems that the previous Ratchet and Clank may not have performed as well as Insomniac had hoped. Among the documents leaked in the latest Insomniac data breach was a spreadsheet of budgets and sales figures for recent games developed by Insomniac. According to the table, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart sold 2.2 million units worldwide. With $73 million in revenue. Unfortunately, that falls short of the game’s alleged $81 million budget. Thus, Insomniac posted a loss of roughly $8 million.

In more cheery news, Insomniac’s Marvel-based offerings seem to have netted the studio a decent profit, at least according to the spreadsheet in the latest ransom note leak.

2020’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales reportedly grossed a total of $104 million. While the sequel Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered grossed around $11 million. Meanwhile, this year’s Spider-Man 2 is already breaking even after making roughly $75 million in profit. Of course, this information comes from a leak by a dubious hacker. So, all of this should be taken with a healthy dose of scepticism until more concrete evidence emerges.

If the figures presented in the latest Insomniac ransomware leak are accurate, then Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart did not make back its $81 million budget.

Thus, the acclaimed PlayStation developer suffered a financial loss. There are several reasons for poor economic performance. For example, Rift Apart was released exclusively for PlayStation 5 at a time when the system was hard to come by. In any case, it seems that the enthusiastic reception from fans and critics wasn’t enough to break even after the game’s 2021 release. At least according to the sales data leaked in this week’s data breach.

UPDATE (12/20): According to new sales information presented by the publisher, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was profitable for Insomniac. The leaked data is said to be from before the release of the PC port of the game.

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