Silent Hill 2 Remake Developers Teaming Up With One Of TV’s Biggest Horror Franchises!

Silent Hill 2 remake studio Bloober Team is working with The Walking Dead creators Skybound on a new horror game called Project R.



Bloober Team, the prolific horror studio behind The Medium and the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, has teamed up with Skybound Entertainment, best known as the creators of The Walking Dead franchise, for a new licensed project.

So far, not much has been revealed about the project. Apart from the fact that its code name is simply “R”. However, we already know that it will be based on one of Skybound’s IPs. The obvious conclusion is that the Bloober Team is working on a new The Walking Dead game. But it could be anything from the supernatural horror comic book series Outcast to the dark fantasy drama comic book Witch Doctor.

“This project is another step in our second-party strategy, where we work with external partners to provide our horror know-how,” said Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno in the press release.

“These are titles that are meant to not only give us financial profit, but are the next steps in achieving our strategy by the end of 2027. We have known our friends from Skybound for a long time and I am sure it will be a successful cooperation.”

Until now, we have heard little about Bloober Team’s most significant project, the Silent Hill 2 remake. In March, Babieno said the game was “technically ready”. However, it’s still not quite ready, and the studio recently said it’s “moving along smoothly.” Also, that they are awaiting further word from Konami. Basically, it sounds like Bloober is saying the ball is in Konami’s court when it comes to trailers, release dates, etc. regarding.

Project R, meanwhile, will be released sometime in 2025.

Source: VGC

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