South Park: Snow Day!: the guys get a collector’s edition [VIDEO]

And the release date is not a lucky one, although considering the weather around here, a blizzard could even hit on that day…


THQ Nordic and Question, part of the Embracer Group, have announced when the new South Park game will somehow be released on Nintendo Switch in addition to current-gen consoles and PC. The basic cost is 30 euros, so approx. It will be HUF 12,000 (although if the HUF falls by then, it will be even more…), so it doesn’t seem like a AAA title. Then there is also a digital deluxe version, for which they ask 50 euros (20,000 forints). In addition to the base game, the season pass is also there. Finally, let’s talk about the 220 euro (88,000 HUF) collector’s edition: in addition to the copy of the game, the collector’s edition includes a Grand Wizard Cartman snow globe, a toilet paper holder and a knitted hat, as well as six tarot cards and the soundtrack.

We already described what the game is about a month ago: “In South Park: Snow Day!, you can play the new boy and join Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny, and you can do it not in 2D, but in 3D style. The title of the game is not accidental, because in it we can experience the most magical day in the life of every small child: the snowfall. (Only this time, you don’t have to transfer to another car, which the Ministry of the Interior seriously thought about back then, but not others.)

Grab up to three friends, as four of us can play cooperatively to fight our way through South Park’s snow-covered city to save the world and enjoy a school-free day (which will be made up for on a Saturday, but that’s not part of the story anymore). This is a brand new 3D co-op game where an epic blizzard has engulfed the town of South Park and Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle and us as the New Kid must save the town, of course with the franchise’s signature style and with humor.

It’s the first time we’ve experienced co-op gameplay in a South Park game, but if you’re not with anyone, then with your allied robots. We can launch powerful, coordinated attacks against our opponents. Use and develop devastating melee and ranged weapons. Throw in special abilities and powers that can bring hordes of enemies and epic bosses to their knees. Use a wide range of iconic cosmetics and customize your pup with endless possible combinations from hats to Cheesy Poof t-shirts to chin balls.”

South Park: Snow Day! will be released on March 26 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, GOG), and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gematsu

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