Xbox Game Pass: Can One Of The World’s Most Popular Games Just Leave The Service?!

Xbox Game Pass may lose one of its most popular games this month, according to a message some Xbox users have received.



Xbox Game Pass May Lose Grand Theft Auto V Later This Month! At least, that’s what some Xbox users have been getting messages about. This would fit in with Grand Theft Auto V’s Game Pass history. Because the game has come and gone many times in the history of the service.

After the reveal of Grand Theft Auto VI, GTA hype is more significant than ever, Grand Theft Auto V continues to be extremely popular on all supported platforms.

Game Pass subscribers have been able to enjoy Grand Theft Auto V for free since July 5, 2023, but that may end soon.

Reddit user C0d24 reported receiving a message from Xbox. In it, they announced that Grand Theft Auto V will leave Game Pass on December 31. He’s an Italian Xbox user, and other Italians in the comments have reported getting the same message. As is a Turkish user. US users do not seem to have received this news at the time of writing. The message also explains that Xbox Game Pass subscribers can purchase Grand Theft Auto V at a 20% discount to play it after December 31.

The game has gone through several re-releases since its debut in 2013, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X ports of Grand Theft Auto V, so many fans already own at least one copy.

However, GTA’s appeal is massive and seemingly immortal. So it’s likely that more and more fans flock to Grand Theft Auto V every month. However, this news from Xbox will likely disappoint new fans who have been taking advantage of Game Pass since July. they can be relieved that at least Grand Theft Auto V can be purchased at a discount while it’s on Game Pass.

With the massive hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI, Rockstar may be looking to maximize profits by bringing Grand Theft Auto V back to the regular Xbox lineup.

However, this is just speculation. His departure from Game Pass could have been for several reasons. For example, because the offer has simply expired. Fortunately, Game Pass subscribers have plenty of other solid options.

Deciding which titles are the best games on Xbox Game Pass is not an easy job. Thanks to the service’s impressive lineup, which includes RPGs, shooters, simulators, and more. So, while the impending departure of Grand Theft Auto V is disappointing, fans will still have plenty to play on the service.

Source: Reddit

Is GTA V leaving at the end of the year?
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