Silent Hill: Townfall: Looking Forward to the Sequel to the Horror Game Franchise? News Could be Coming in Early 2024!

The developers of Silent Hill: Townfall are predicting more news about the upcoming horror game in the coming year.


The developers of the upcoming Silent Hill: Townfall, No Code, have revealed that new information about the game will be coming in 2024. Konami first announced Silent Hill: Townfall in 2022, along with several other related projects. Fans were only given a taste of Townfall in a short preview trailer based on the psychological horror that is typical of the series. All fans know about Townfall is that it is being developed by No Code Studios and Annapurna Interactive.

No Code Studios is best known for its two adventure-mystery games, Stories Untold and Observation. Both games were very horror adjacent, and the studio’s previous work with these games gives fans hope that Townfall is in good hands. While not much has been announced about the game since its 2022 launch, No Code Studios recently posted a message to fans that news about the game is expected in 2024.

In a Twitter thread, No Code acknowledges that new people have joined the company in the past year and that the studio is still working on a “nightmare”. The nightmare mentioned in the tweet is likely a reference to Silent Hill: Townfall. He notes that there is no further “signalling” or news about the game this year, jokingly apologising, mentioning that more signalling is coming next year, even “promised”.

Silent Hill: Townfall still has little information, with nothing known about its platforms or release date. There have been reports that Silent Hill: Townfall will use the Unreal Engine 5, as No Code has been looking for professionals who know the game engine and that they are abandoning Unity. This was further confirmed by the fact that No Code plans to program realistic characters and environments, as well as multi-platform testing. This is still a rumour as No Code has not confirmed that the game will use Unreal Engine 5.

Besides Silent Hill: Townfall, the franchise has several other projects in the works. The Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2 is the most prominent project that fans are paying attention to. Another Silent Hill game in development is Silent Hill f, set in a mysterious Japanese village in the 1960s. Silent Hill f will be a psychological horror game written by the renowned Ryukishi07, known for his Higarushi: When They Cry series. With little information released about all three games other than their 2022 release, Silent Hill fans will probably be happy to know that Townfall will at least get an update next year.

Source: GameRant

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