A DMCA Claim For Anyone Who Downloads The Leaked Marvel’s Wolverine!

We have to explain this because in our country this situation is not very common…


So it’s more common for ISPs in English and German speaking areas: if a user downloads a movie without a VPN, for example, the ISP can quickly warn them that they shouldn’t have done that, or even fine them for the content they downloaded. This approach is also being used by Insomniac Games, which suffered a ransomware attack and is currently working on Marvel’s Wolverine for the PlayStation 5.

On Twitter we can see that the studio is doing its best to keep its next game from leaking too much, but that hasn’t stopped the public from downloading the game, which is of course still half-finished (remember, over 1600 gigabytes of files were uploaded to the darkweb as a result of the ransomware attack!), and this letter has been shared by some (which is why we’ve included one of the images below). According to the letter, the copyright holder has identified the user’s IP address so that Sony’s studio can somehow track where the leaked files end up.

The lawsuit asks the user to delete the files, otherwise his internet connection will be disconnected and his user account will be terminated. The document in question, which we published, is from US ISP Xfinity, but it is likely that others (e.g. Spectrum, Cox) have sent similar letters to recalcitrant users.

The ransomware attack ended up being one of the biggest news stories of December (the other being the rapid demise of Fntastic, so The Day Before came, saw, and now has a death date… which is beyond ridiculous for an MMO that hasn’t even lived two months in Early Access), and we followed the events as they unfolded. We also covered Insomniac Games’ announcement the other day, but it’s clear that this is a situation the team is having a hard time recovering from.

Source: GameRant

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