God of War: Big News for Fans! The Trilogy’s Modern Version May Arrive Soon!

The rebirth of a legendary trilogy is on the horizon. The God of War series, which started in 2005 as one of PlayStation’s most popular games, might soon be revitalized on modern consoles. While accessing the older episodes on PlayStation 5 has been limited so far, with only older versions available via streaming, these may soon make way for a fresh, modernized variant.



Today, God of War stands out as one of PlayStation’s premier in-house titles, making it particularly regrettable that the series’ earlier parts are difficult to access on the PlayStation 5 platform. If a PS2 or PS3 console is not readily available, the simplest solution has been to use the older generations’ remastered versions available for streaming, but this seems likely to change soon.

Surprising news has emerged from the Xbox community, specifically from Nick Baker, a relatively reliable source, suggesting that a new, even more modern remaster package for the God of War games could be on the way. Baker, speaking on The XboxEra Podcast, isn’t entirely certain about this, but believes that the announcement of the modern versions could happen as early as 2024, and if not next year, then by 2025 the refurbished Greek adventures might be available on PS5.

It’s currently unclear whether God of War: Ascension will be part of this package, as the original trilogy was the main focus, so it’s likely to be excluded. There’s also no information on who will be behind the project. It’s possible that Santa Monica Studio, which has been steering the series for nearly two decades, might handle this too, but it’s not out of the question that Bluepoint Games, known for specializing in remasters and remakes, could bring back the older, more irate Kratos.

Naturally, these details are not official and should be treated cautiously, but it’s likely that such a move by Sony would fulfill the dreams of many old and new fans. Especially if the package includes not just upgraded graphics but also a more comfortable gameplay experience.”

Source: Eurogamer

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