You Wouldn’t Believe Which Keanu Reeves Film Surpassed the Billion-Dollar Mark at the Box Office!

MOVIE NEWS – Keanu Reeves, one of the biggest names in action cinema, has seen just one of his films cross the billion-dollar threshold at the box office so far.


Keanu Reeves, having ventured into a myriad of genres including romantic comedies and straight-up humor, still finds his stronghold in action movies. Fortunately for Reeves, two of his major roles within this genre have evolved into massive franchises. Reeves portrayed Neo in the Matrix series in four films, with the most recent one released in 2021. He also stepped into the shoes of the eponymous John Wick in four installments, with John Wick: Chapter 4 emerging as a major hit in 2023. Despite these iconic roles in action films, surprisingly, none is his biggest box office success.
Toy Story 4, featuring Keanu Reeves, is the only film to exceed a billion dollars in revenue.
Among the actor’s numerous roles, it was the 2019 release, Toy Story 4, that achieved the billion-dollar milestone at the box office. Reeves lent his voice to Duke Caboom, a fearless Canadian action figure inspired by the legendary stuntman Evel Knievel. While his role in the Toy Story franchise wasn’t central, Reeves’ portrayal of the failed stunt motorcyclist toy left an indelible mark. He joined an impressive list of high-profile actors for the voice cast of the 2019 installment. The Pixar sequel grossed over $434 million domestically, ultimately accruing over $1 billion globally (source: Box Office Mojo).

Despite a few box office missteps, post the monumental success of Toy Story 4, Reeves’ most successful movies are those closely associated with him. Globally, The Matrix Reloaded ranks second ($739 million), followed by The Matrix in third ($463 million), and The Matrix Revolution in fifth ($427 million). From the John Wick series, Chapter 4 currently occupies the fourth position, having grossed $440 million worldwide. The only other John Wick film in Reeves’ top ten is John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, sitting in seventh place with $327 million.

The John Wick Series Achieved a Billion-Dollar Box Office, But It Required All Four Films.
While Toy Story 4 stands as Keanu Reeves’ sole film to independently reach the billion-dollar box office mark, the John Wick franchise also attained this milestone, albeit requiring all four chapters. Following the release of John Wick: Chapter 4, the franchise surpassed the global billion-dollar revenue mark in May 2023. This is a remarkable achievement for an R-rated action series without the wide demographic allure of something like Toy Story. A decade since the inception of John Wick, the franchise remains relevant, spawning a prequel TV series and the Ballerina spinoff. Additionally, there are indications that Keanu Reeves might return for John Wick 5. Though it may not match Toy Story 4’s heights, Keanu Reeves continues to be a major draw.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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