Baldur’s Gate 3: Did The Latest Patch Help With The Character Romance Problem?!

The massive and detailed Baldur’s Gate 3, where we get countless choices, has just patched a romance. But still not perfect…



Baldur’s Gate 3 has undergone several changes regarding romances and how the romance – and with it the approval – system works. First, it was too easy to start romances. So much so that all our peers wanted to be with Tav, and some of them had difficulty accepting that they didn’t win Tav’s heart. However, even after the fixes so far, not all romances in BG3 work properly.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has seen changes and updates all over the place since its release, and while it’s made for a much smoother gameplay experience, it’s still not perfect in some ways.

However, the problems that arise in each romance are not consistent. This makes navigation difficult without an official fix. In the meantime, some Tav got creative with romances – indeed, recruitment – in Minthara’s case during a good playthrough.


What’s wrong with Minthara?


Unfortunately, recruiting Minthara during a good playthrough doesn’t always work out as planned. There are multiple reports of Minthara not appearing in Moonrise Towers after being knocked out in Shattered Sanctum. However, the reasons why this happens can only be guessed at. There is not enough consistency to pinpoint a single cause. Instead, it seems more random when and why this error pops up.

At least there are some ideas as to possible causes and tentative solutions. This means that not all solutions will work for every playback.

The suspected activities that led to this error include: long rests in the Shattered Sanctum, not talking to Minthara before knocking out, doing the Goblin camp-related quests out of order, and letting any of the goblins in the camp or Shattered Sanctum use the Wardrum and alert his other allies. However, the Wardrum problem is perhaps the easiest to solve. Because they can be destroyed in one hit, making it impossible to call for reinforcements and alert the other Goblins and leaders. But again, this is all just speculation based on different experiences and observations from multiple experiences.



Baldur's Gate 3 Minthara



There is no definitive solution for the Bladur’s Gate 3 romance


The ultimate goal is to recruit Minthara without going evil, join the goblin leaders, and raid the Emerald Grove to slaughter druids and tieflings. A few methods seem to reduce the risk of any errors appearing. First, don’t let the Wardrums get hit to alert the camp. This can turn temporary hostility into permanent hostility. The latter may affect Tav’s ability to speak with Minthara. This is another action that makes it more likely that he can be recruited in the next act.

However, the precautions for recruiting Minthara in a good playthrough don’t end there. Completing the Goblin Camp missions in order without stopping to jump to other missions can reduce the chance of error. It also helps if you don’t rest long after knocking out Minthara.

This is because this can lead to his body disappearing, which means he doesn’t appear correctly in Moonrise Towers, or appears as an NPC that you can’t interact with, which also means you can’t recruit him.

Ideally, these precautions should result in Minthara being properly recruited during a good playthrough. So it will also be suitable for romance. It’s always helpful to have multiple save files to use in case of a glitch. That way, the team can go back and redo a section, hoping it doesn’t glitch out a second time. Checking Minthara’s health before moving on is an excellent way to keep her recruitable later.

If you are temporarily knocked out, this will be in your status. This means that he must appear correctly in Act 2. If it says knocked out, it has lost its temporary enmity and has become permanent enmity. This allows you to verify that everything went well during the onboarding attempt.


Minthara needs another patch


Minthara is not intended to be recruited during a good playthrough. The remaining prints of the original version still need an official fix. However, the ability to recruit him without destroying the Grove or using extensive workarounds is a good start compared to the limitations that existed when BG3 came out. There are still too many bugs and glitches that can prevent her from being recruited and romanced to say that the patch that added the ability to recruit Minthara in a good game is working as intended.

Therefore, another patch will be needed to fix these remaining issues officially.

Because Minthara is a character who is simply evil without a redemption arc, she attracts a kind of intrigue that can lead to wanting her as a romantic partner or just a companion. He also makes a lot of jokes with other companions, which can be unintentionally humorous. Given his severe demeanour and loyalty to his cruel goddess Lolth. Ultimately, this patched romance isn’t perfect, but future patches may iron out the bugs and make Minthara’s recruitment smooth in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Source: Baldur’s Gate Wiki

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