A More Efficient, Brighter Display Could Be In The Next-Gen Apple Vision Pro!

TECH NEWS – The only problem is that it could take several years for the Cupertino-based tech company to make the switch.


The release of the Apple Vision Pro isn’t far off, after the $3,500 augmented reality (AR) headset was officially announced at the WWDC event in June. Its successor is already in the works, and it will feature technological advances, with Apple planning to include a much more energy-efficient, brighter display in the second-generation model, and Apple could be the supplier. According to The Elec, a South Korean publication, Apple will stick with the current technology for now.

The Apple Vision Pro will have a WOLED display, and the second-generation headset could have an OLEDoS display. RGB OLEDoS displays combine colors and light on a layer of RGB subpixels in close proximity. This makes the displays brighter and eliminates the need for an additional color filter. WOLED displays have an RGB color layer to filter out white light. The OLED process is more efficient, which means the battery lasts longer.

The problem is that the next-generation Apple Vision Pro is years away, and the RGB OLED display won’t arrive until 2027, until then Apple is using a WOLED display to add more features to the headset. Currently, only Samsung produces RGB OLED displays, as it acquired eMagin earlier this year, so the U.S. tech giant could be sourcing from South Korea instead of Sony.

That doesn’t mean it’s a budget model. The cheaper headsets could be released by Apple sometime in 2025 (which makes sense given the pricing of the original model), but the second-generation Apple Vision Pro (which also won’t hit stores until 2027) is rumored to be a no-frills product. Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has written about this in the past. What is certain is that the headset will not be cheap, no matter what model it is.

Source: WCCFTech

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