Here’s What Portal Would Be Like If Valve Had Developed It For Nintendo 64! [VIDEO]

Nintendo’s cartridge-based console (for which a hardware add-on was made, but the N64DD was only released in Japan…) and Valve’s revolutionary first-person platformer would be a great match.


Portal 64: First Slice. That’s what the developer of the project (ONE person!) calls the demo, which currently contains only a small part of the first episode. So it’s no coincidence that the subtitle is First Slice. The original Portal was released in 2007 as part of Valve’s excellent The Orange Box. It included the base Half-Life 2 game and the first episode (which could be purchased separately), but the package released in the fall of 2007 didn’t include them, but rather Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2. It was well worth the investment, although the sequel to Portal has since been released (in 2011). The other two IPs stuck to the number 2, which is typical for Gabe Newell and his company…

James Lambert was also drawn to the IP, so he took it upon himself to make the Nintendo 64 remake a reality. The conversion now includes about a dozen test chambers from the original game, a fully functional weapon, and working physics. It can now be run on a Nintendo 64. In the video embedded below, Lambert thanks everyone for their support, and also shows off Portal-themed items (Nintendo 64, controller, tape) that he received from some of the project’s backers. But don’t forget that this is just the beginning, as Lambert has promised to port over more test chambers for the puzzle-platformer, and plans to make other improvements.

Even if Gabe Newell and Valve don’t make Portal 3 (we’ve just accepted that the studio is wary of number three, which is why the VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx didn’t get that number), it’s still a great fan project. To download it, just visit Lambert’s GitHub page, where you can find all the details. You must own the original game!

Source: GameRant

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