Will There Be Co-Op In Marvel’s Wolverine? What Does Insomniac Hide About Spider-Man?

At the end of the year, Sony Studios was hit by a ransomware attack.


On Reddit, user Visceral analyzed the code leaked from Marvel’s Wolverine. It contains references to synchronizing two clients, which would only make sense if used in a multiplayer environment (otherwise it would be pointless). This would be the code and comments in question (the latter after //):


// need to do a slower check against each client still connected to see if they were actually requested to warp for( ClientIterator itr = g_ClientManager.GetIterator(); itr.Loop(); itr.Next() )

uint32_t client_index = itr.GetClient()->GetClientIndex(); uint32_t client_mask = 1 ” client_index; if( (m_HeroesWarpedRequest & client_mask) != 0 && (m_HeroesWarpedResponse & client_mask) == 0 )

/ We’ve met a still-connected client that has been requested to warp but hasn’t returned a response yet;


// Adjust the spawn matrix in case both players warp to the same location


The code is from the PC version in development, and it’s also pretty early, as the leak says it’s coming to PlayStation 5 in the fall of 2026, not 2025, as Insomniac Games is also working on a standalone Venom game (presumably Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales-sized). But who would Logan team up with? Presumably Spider-Man, but we can’t rule out another X-Men member either, as leaks suggest Insomniac is planning a sequel with them for 2030 (and a sequel is already planned for 2033).

However, Sony has exclusivity on the X-Men IP until 2035, so they could be planning something else beyond that. We’ve written about what Insomniac Games has in the works, but there’s probably more Marvel stuff to look forward to. It’ll be two years after the studio’s supposed release of Marvel’s X-Men 2, and we can expect a new IP in between

. Maybe they will follow the Spider-Man example and make something out of an X-Men character (Storm? Cyclops? Deadpool?).

So exciting things are coming if they stick to the schedule.

Source: WCCFTech, GameRant

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