Hugh Jackman Has Posted Quite The Celebratory Deadpool 3 Photo Of His Character!

MOVIE NEWS – Hugh Jackman promises a return facial as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 with an unwarranted “Chop-Shot” photo…



Hugh Jackman has shared another teasing behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 . Unofficial filming leaks died down after Ryan Reynolds requested. But that hasn’t stopped Reynolds and Jackman from sharing their own teasing snaps, with Jackman’s “Chops-shot” being the latest.

In addition to undergoing an extensive and intense training program to get back into shape for another Wolverine outing, another aspect is essential to Jackman’s transformation into an X-Men character: perfectly groomed facial hair.

In a new post on X (formerly Twitter), Jackman shared a picture of himself getting a little trim. With the simple caption below: “Chops. #Wolverine.” (You can see the post at the end of the article.)

Deadpool 3 has always been Marvel Studios’ best chance for a big hit in 2024. After the drawn-out 2023, the arrival of the oral hero in the MCU is now the studio’s only chance for success. After all, all other films have been pushed to 2025. This means that now, more than ever, fans are desperate for updates on the film. Of course, the dynamic duo leading the multiverse film is always happy to comply with the request.


Ryan Reynolds couldn’t let Hugh Jackman have all the fun


So that Hugh Jackman didn’t have the last word in 2023, Ryan Reynolds took to his social media to send a quick message to fans, including a little Deadpool 2 Easter egg. The message read:

“Happy New Year to everyone. Except maybe Shatterstar.”

Fans of the Deadpool movies may remember that Shatterstar was a member of X-Force who was sent away before the team could even land on their first mission. Along with most of the team, Shatterstar (Lewis Tan) was able to steer Deadpool in the wrong direction before his untimely death. This led to some animosity between them.

Although Shatterstar and the others were all killed off in Deadpool 2, there is every chance that some of the characters may return in the upcoming Deadpool 3.

There has been a lot of speculation, fueled by early leaked sets, that the film will feature Deadpool and Wolverine on a journey through the multiverse. Including a stop in the old Fox universe and more.

Director Shawn Levy has already hinted that Deadpool 3 was able to include more cameos than he ever thought they could get away with. This statement creates a lot of space and expectations from the fans. Whether the film fulfils its promises will be revealed in July 2024. But Marvel Studios is hoping that the fans who saw the previous Deadpool movies as smash hits will return to theatres for its latest chaotic adventure.

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