Will ChatGPT Take Over From Google Assistant On Android Phones? [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Meanwhile, there are also rumors that Google Bard will get a bunch of new features to significantly improve the user experience…


What Copilot is from Microsoft, Bard is from Google and ChatGPT is from OpenAI. According to Android Authority, we now hear that ChatGPT is taking the place of Google Assistant, as images and videos of the user interface with Assistant and Bard have surfaced. In ChatGPT version 1.2023.352 there is a new activity called com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity. It is disabled by default, you need to enable it manually. Then the app can draw over other apps, similar to Google Assistant, so you can talk to the chatbot with a gesture or action, replacing Google Assistant. You can see this in the video embedded below (perhaps successfully…), but it’s not yet publicly available. And Google is well aware that this is a threat to it, which is why it’s working on the Assistant+Bard combo, which the tech company may unveil later this year, as the development of artificial intelligence moves at breakneck speed.

On Twitter, Dylan Roussel found several features hidden in the Google Bard website. One of them is good for creating bots and its codename is Motoko. A new feature is called Gallery, which is described as a new way to explore different topics to see what you can do with Bard, so you can use the bot more effectively on the examples shown. The Tasks feature was only mentioned, but no details are available. Maybe it will be good for time-consuming tasks, says Roussel (image creation, maybe something else). We can share our tasks with a public link, and we can set the foreground and background of the link. The final new feature is Power Up, which can help you get better at commands by giving you better results.

All of this suggests that Google Bard could be getting a long-awaited tune-up, but we don’t know when these features will be released. Maybe this is Google’s way of competing with ChatGPT on Android…

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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